Lucy has been cooking for the last
6 years in Canberra and Sydney at Rebel Rebel, Bar Rochford and Kiosk.

Sandoochie's humble origins began when I made a sandwich for a staff meal that was - and not to toot my own horn - so good I wanted to peg it against the wall. When the red fog of blinding rage cleared, there appeared in its place a full blown obsession with things betwixt bread.

My friend, confidant and bread-guy Lach Cutting opened Under Bakery in Mawson in 2021. Lach makes the Rolls Royce of tin loaves inside which I stuff my creations. Let's all pop a slice in our mouths, hold hands scream a muffled “thank you Lach!!!

The menu at Sandoochie changes pretty regularly to reflect seasonality and also that I get bored quite easily. I hope that it's a warm and friendly place that doesn't blow the budget and that you can come to everyday. I eat a sandwich most days so reasonably it tracks that you should all be coming 5 days in a row. Together let's prove that this is a foolproof business model. Anyway get off your cooch and come get a dooch.


MON-FRI 11am - 3pm



Shop 8, 40 Marcus Clarke St,

ACT, No Name Lane


illustration of holding a Sandoochie sandwich illustration of holding a Sandoochie sandwich